While E-Design lets you virtually design your space with the help of a professional interior designer; consultancy in Décor or Interior Decoration helps bring in the human touch & warmth to the functional aspect of Design.

Home Décor or Interior Decoration has many facets attached to it. Often its importance in interior design or just by itself goes unnoticed. Interior designing takes care of the functional aspect of a space by properly planning with the help of technical know-how, whereas interior decoration takes care of the aesthetic aspect of the Design. Both are equally important to transform a space into someone’s humble abode.


Décor or accessories in the form of accent furniture, rugs, art décor, lamps, handicraft décor, curtains, etc. helps a client to add their personality into their living spaces. This not only gives the feeling of having a space where one feels relaxed but also has an effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. To be able to connect to a place we live in, it is very important to have the feeling of home; a place where we not only live ourselves, but also a place to host people & gatherings. Décor can be in any form that resonates with your personality. It can be in the form of a family collage, customized art pieces, family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, childhood memories, plants etc. Decorating or re-decorating your place can also be mood-uplifting.


Rustic Hues offers a special E-Design service to its Clients. E-Design, as the name suggests is a virtual design service offered online where we give one-on-one personalized experience to our Clients. This service is for all those who are either sitting far away and can’t travel due to the latest pandemic; wants to get execution on their own to reduce overheads; or those who are on a tight budget, but need some design counseling for their space. The E-Design service is a healthy process where the Client and the designer interact and work together cohesively creating beautiful spaces.