About us

Rustic Hues is a collaborative team of highly experienced designers, architects, and craftspeople working together to achieve the paramount of interior designing perfection and experience.

Who we are

Rustic Hues, an interior design studio, is a family of creative minds put together. It was manifested by our Founder & Principal interior designer Aakansha Arya Suri, when she realized how design was getting more commercial & less creative. We are here to not only beautify your space with furniture & décor; but also to understand the needs & requirements of our clients, by providing innovative design solutions.

Why we

We believe that a space/site is always the Home/Office/Cafe of Clients’ first and after that it’s our Design. As soon as a client enters their space, they should be able to connect with it, and have a feeling of belongingness. We create a lasting impression with every single project, delivering unmatched creativity and soul satisfying end results for our Clients.

What we do

Our designers conceptualize & design the space keeping in mind its function, usage & utility by incorporating the brief, personality & essence of their Clients. Whether it is to blend the imperfections of an old structure or interiors for a brand new construction, our diverse services are ideally suited for each & every space.

Our benefits

Our core value is to be ethical in whatever we do, be it small or big. For us each project requires the same amount of time & effort. From creating a unique, appealing concept to its completion, our team will work passionately and diligently, providing you excellent interior designing experience with zero error and appropriate pricing that fits your budget. It might not be our first, but it would definitely be for our Clients.